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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we start?

My coaching is tailor-made for each individual but I do have a variety of frameworks, programs, and tools in my toolkit. Most coaching engagements begin with an assessment or reviewing data from recent assessments, aligning on goals for the engagement, and creating a plan with metrics to make sure we're on target.


We'll work together in private, confidential 1:1  coaching sessions. Most executive coaching clients work with me bi-weekly for a minimum of six-nine months. While tremendous awareness and insight occurs in the first three months, the following months are where the excitement of "what's new" can wear off and when coaching insights lead to action with real and lasting impact.

However, there is no one-size fits all solution, so let's chat and create a program that works for you!

I work with organizations, too. Please contact me for more information.

Step 1

Schedule a conversation

I want to be sure that I can help you. After you request a date and time for our session, I'll ask you to answer some questions that will help us better prepare for our time together. After you submit your answers you'll receive an email confirming your appointment.

Step 2

Together, we'll create a plan

At the end of our conversation, if there’s a good fit and I think I can help you, I’ll invite you to work with me. If I don’t think I can help you, I”ll recommend some resources for your next step. If you’re interested in working together, we’ll create a create a coaching plan that’s best for you. Most clients decide to start by focusing on leading themselves before leading their business/function or leading others.

Step 3

Lead with Calm, Clarity & Confidence

You'll be on your way to becoming a transformational and impactful leader while taking care of your own wellbeing! You’ll have access to your client dashboard within 24 hours of signing up. You’ll find all the resources you need to get ready for your first session. In this age of information overload, I promise to give you what you need “just in time” not “just in case.”

What's Your Leadership Philosophy?

As your coach, I don't expect you to subscribe to my leadership philosophy. Every culture and every client is different. My job is to bring out the best leader you can be and that might mean borrowing from a variety of leadership philosophies.


On the other hand, I have developed a leadership framework that includes three pillars:

Leading Yourself Leading Your Business (or function or career), and Leading Others.

A high-level overview is below.

Leadership Pillars: Leading Yourself, Leading the Business Leading Others

What is the Sparked by Art™
Framework for Change?

The Sparked by Art™ Framework for Change helps leaders make sense of the non-linear progress of change. Grounding in themselves, they're less likely to be thrown off-course by external factors and able to lead their teams with confidence, clarity, and calm.

Sparked by Art TM Framework for Change

What are the
Sparked by Art™ Life Alignment Alignment Workbooks?

The Sparked by Art™ Life Alignment workbooks accelerate coaching on realigning professional identity with personal goals, values, and direction, allowing the leader to find ways to stay true to themselves while achieving the goals of the organization. Clients report revisiting the workbooks whenever they encounter a professional cross-roads, long after a coaching engagement is complete, and finding clarity, confidence and courage to navigate any situation.

Life-Alignment Roadmap - Identity, Goals, Values, Direction Alignment Roadmap
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