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Hi, I'm Carolyn


Do you feel like your profession, industry, or organization has changed so much you no longer recognize it?

And no longer recognize yourself?

I get it. I've been there. I've helped other people who've been there. And I can help you.


I'm a certified executive, career, and life coach with more than thirty years of experience in behavioral science.

I specialize in helping my clients with:

  • Leadership

  • Life Alignment

  • Career Reinvention

  • Next Chapter Life Deisgn.

Want to know my story? This is the page.


Photo of Carolyn Stein

I Believe...



I believe leadership starts from within: self-awareness, self-regulation, clarity of values, purpose & vision plus healthy boundaries & communication strategies.



I believe a successful life begins by defining what success looks like to you and letting go of judgement. It means focusing on fulfillment  while letting go of distractions disguised as opportunities that aren't aligned with your vision.



I believe a successful career can take many forms. And it should be  in service to a successful life. I believe a successful life is whatever you decide success means to you.

My Story

My first career was in marketing. I loved it for more than 10 years. Until I didn't. I was tired of being the only woman in the room in male-dominated industries.


I was tired of the highs and lows when an economic slump meant the marketing department would face cuts. And I wanted to use my love of behavioral science, meeting people where they were, and communicating with them in a way that called them to action in an altruistic way.


So at 35+ years old, I left Colorado and became a high school art teacher in NYC. But really, I used art to teach life and leadership to young adults.

It was great at first. There were challenges I didn't anticipate - like the lack of autonomy over my schedule. But I had autonomy in my classroom and I was able to use my creativity to help others grow. 


Nearly 10 years later, the profession became unrecognizable. And I had no autonomy in my classroom. Autonomy is one of my core values so this, along with other changes in education became deal breakers. Fortunately, I was more than a classroom teacher. I'd led the art department, designed and led teacher trainings and chaired committees.

So at 45 years old, I continued on my path in behavioral science, people development, and communication and moved into corporate learning and development, specializing in leadership development. I found my way back to Colorado and created a side-hobby business helping career changers  discover and do whatever was next. But I'd lost my artistic and creative spark.

And then, several years later, the pandemic hit, and the side-hobby became a side-hustle while I took on additional work in leadership development and curriculum design.


I'd gotten coaching certifications in 2005, 2018 and 2020. I'd designed and taught classes in creativity at Colorado Free University in 2005. I led an adult-only art and creativity monthly workshop from 2005-2007. I held outdoor meetup sketching groups. I'd been on personal and spiritual development journeys my entire life.

Since 2020 I've used it all to help accomplished professionals (mostly women at mid-life) lead themselves through uncertainty and into the next chapter of leadership, career, and life. And I'm over 50 years old.

Change is a process, not one step. Maybe not even the next step.  And its not too late.


Professional Credentials

  • Certified Executive Coach, Center for Executive Coaching (ICF accredited at PCC level)

  • Certified Coach, Coach Training Alliance (ICF approved at ACC level)

  • Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation (ICF)

  • Certified Career Consultant, Lee Hecht Harrison

  • Masters of Science in Education (Art Education), State University of New York

  • Bachelor of Fine Art, University of Michigan

Professional Experience

  • Executive, Leadership, and Career Coach who's worked with mid to executive leaders, earning my first coaching certification in 2005, refining my craft, and continuing my training ever since

  • Corporate learning leader and executive coach whose worked with Deloitte, McKinsey, the New York Stock Exchange, Met Life, and others (including solopreneurs and SMB)

  • Former marketing executive leading organizations across a variety of industries

  • Former professional development leader and high school art teacher at New York City Department of Education and Eagle County Schools (Colorado).

  • Former instructor at Colorado Free University (originator and teacher of "Art for Ordinary People")

Fun Facts

I’m a down-to-earth, practical Virgo and an adventurous, multi-passionate Enneagram 7. My Gallup Top 5 are strategic, futuristic, individualization, learner, and activator. I live, work, and play in Colorado, was born in Michigan, and lived in New York for a time. And I love "Lake life."

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