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Hi, I'm Carolyn


As an executive coach, I partner with senior leaders and C-Suite executives to cultivate the self-awareness, values-alignment, and leadership capabilities required to create a powerful, lasting impact.

Working together, my clients are able to:
• Navigate high-stress and rapidly shifting priorities
• Align personal values with professional success
• Confidently lead your team through transitions
• Make strategic decisions under pressure
• Elevate your leadership
• Reduce organizational stress


Photo of Carolyn Stein

I Believe...



I believe leadership starts from within: self-awareness, self-regulation, clarity of values, purpose & vision plus healthy boundaries & communication strategies.



I believe a successful life begins by defining what success looks like to you and letting go of judgement. It means focusing on fulfillment  while letting go of distractions disguised as opportunities that aren't aligned with your vision.



I believe a successful career can take many forms. And it should be  in service to a successful life. I believe a successful life is whatever you decide success means to you.

My Story

My first career was in marketing. It began in a mountain town, working for the largest distributor of Dynastar skis and Descent skiwear in the country. I learned the ins and outs of consumer marketing and made my way to leading the marketing department for a mixed-use real estate developer and custom home builder. That led me to Denver, CO where I ran direct marketing for a dot-com, then became a marketing executive for a variety of tech companies - both start-up and mature, private and public, ranging from interactive television to wireless telecommunications. I loved it for more than 10 years. Until I didn't.


I was tired of the highs and lows when an economic slump meant the marketing department would face cuts. And I wanted to use my love of behavioral science, meeting people where they were, and communicating with them in a way that called them to action in an altruistic way.


So at 35+ years old, I left Colorado and became a high school art teacher in NYC. But really, I used art to teach life and leadership to young adults. Along the way, I became the chairperson of the art department. I mentored teachers in their first three years, supervised student-teachers and para-professionals. I created learning environments that were the model of collaboration and creativity. Soon I was tapped to create leadership programs for other teachers and serve on professional development committees. But education was changing. And not to my liking.

So at 45 years old, I continued on my path in behavioral science, people development, and communication and moved into corporate learning and development for the New York Stock Exchange. Eventually I found my way back to Colorado where I worked created and led leadership programs as a consultant working with Big 5 Accounting firms and as the in-house head of learning for a technology company while working after hours as a career transition coach.

Eventually, I went out on my own full-time executive coaching and leadership development business in 2020. I'd gotten coaching certifications in 2005, 2018 and 2020. I'd been a business executive, a people developer, and a coach. I'd been on personal and spiritual development journeys my entire life. I'd worked side-by-side with CEOs and Presidents for over 20 years. Now I help strategic, senior leaders navigate change and lead themselves, their teams, and their business without burning out along the way.


Professional Credentials

  • Certified Executive Coach, Center for Executive Coaching (ICF accredited at PCC level)

  • Certified Coach, Coach Training Alliance (ICF approved at ACC level)

  • Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation (ICF)

  • Certified Career Consultant, Lee Hecht Harrison

  • Masters of Science in Education (Art Education), State University of New York

  • Bachelor of Fine Art, University of Michigan

Professional Experience

  • Executive, Leadership, and Career Coach who's worked with mid to executive leaders, earning my first coaching certification in 2005, refining my craft, and continuing my training ever since

  • Corporate learning leader and executive coach whose worked with Deloitte, McKinsey, the New York Stock Exchange, Met Life, and others (including solopreneurs and SMB)

  • Former marketing executive leading organizations across a variety of industries

  • Former professional development leader and high school art teacher at New York City Department of Education and Eagle County Schools (Colorado).

  • Former instructor at Colorado Free University (originator and teacher of "Art for Ordinary People")

Fun Facts

I’m a down-to-earth, practical Virgo and an adventurous, multi-passionate Enneagram 7. My Gallup Top 5 are strategic, futuristic, individualization, learner, and activator. I live, work, and play in Colorado, was born in Michigan, and lived in New York for a time. And I love "Lake life."

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