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“Carolyn is an amazing executive coach. She is able to adjust and guide skillfully and seamlessly as my priorities rapidly change. Her support has been a game changer for me.”  

- Chief Nursing Officer/Healthcare Executive



"Before working with Carolyn, I was working too much and in a situation that I genuinely hated. I was out of touch with my true firepower—professionally, personally, and otherwise.


Now I’m attracting opportunities that aren't soul-sucking, that also happen to require less time. I’m making more money and have more time for what matters beyond my work. I sleep better and am sooo much less stressed.


Anyone considering working with Carolyn should know that this is more than just talk, more than just discovery and learning that helps with career situations – it’s applicable and reusable across the board."


-Erica Breuer, Brand Strategist


“Before working with Carolyn, I lacked clarity on both my long-term career goals as well as how to be successful in my new position as a leader in my organization. Moving into a new position and not having any role clarity made me feel like I wasn’t making any traction with my team or my goals.


Since working with Carolyn, I have defined what success looks like within my role and have developed communication tools to help me achieve both long- and short-term goals. 


My company was acquired during the time I worked with Carolyn and because of her support, I have a newfound confidence as I lead my team through the change and uncertainty that comes with this significant transformation.


I streamlined our implementation process without adding staff by working with my colleague to redefine current roles within our organization. I advocated for myself to receive a promotion + raise for taking another department on my team.


Carolyn has a style that is versatile enough to support anyone at any point in their career.  She was able to help me think strategically while also being tactical with challenges that came up day-to-day."

- Jessica G, Operations


"After just one session with Carolyn I walked away with more clarity, a solid action plan, and tangible next steps for me to take; it was an incredibly valuable experience.

I’ve spent most of my career in non-traditional work spaces and self-employment, and Carolyn’s sage expertise in the business world was instrumental in helping me navigate a new office landscape without letting go of my values as a person.”​


- Allie Beckmann, Financial Planner


“Overwhelm is a big problem for me in the work I'm doing and having an ear and a guide to coach you through all of the stuff is really an asset. 

One thing that has changed for me after working with Carolyn is that once I get out of overwhelm and make an important decision and execute, I feel more confident in my abilities - which translates to me trusting myself more.


More trust = more momentum!”

- Lee Stiffler-Meyer, Founder Let the Light In Studio



​"The overarching result from my work with Carolyn is twofold.

First, my immediate stress level is significantly reduced. I now appreciate my motivations and accept the outcome for some of my near-term decisions.

I am now ok with the decision to not look for another job but to pursue success (although more modest) with my current employer.

On top of this, I would never have EVER considered meditation but this suggestion has also been instrumental in creating balance within myself as i navigate a frustrating workplace. Second, Carolyn's framework has helped me create a time line to address my life challenge of retirement.

By not focusing on coming up with the immediate answer, I can focus on moving incrementally and ultimately enjoy the journey towards a still undefined outcome."

-Jean, Financial Services Professional



“"Carolyn Stein is phenomenal! She helped me move past a traumatic work experience. I would highly recommend her. Her insight and experience will invigorate you. I actually felt heard. I highly recommend her."

– Non-profit executive



“Carolyn has helped me become better at problem solving relationships with deeper levels of communication and mutual understanding.” 

– Mark K, Executive Director of Non-Profit



"My challenge prior to working with Carolyn was dealing with bullies and passive aggressive behavior from coworkers. My boss was remote and I felt like I lacked in office support from my was hard for me to go to work and I was not able to work out at the gym from the extra stress.

After talking with Carolyn, I felt calmer about going to work. I was able to resume exercising knowing that help and resolution was coming. I was given tools to change my communication skills at work without making my team aware that anything had changed!


I would recommend Carolyn to anyone needing the same type of assistance."

-Julia Berlin, Client Services


"I left an organization (and its people and mission) that meant a lot to me for many years. I knew that I had a choice to make about whether I wanted to stay in my current environment or whether I wanted to make a change. Carolyn's Life Alignment process and her coaching was just what I needed.

Carolyn challenged me on my assumptions, statements and even actions. And, it was healthy. Yes, I achieved my goal of making a career decision (stay or go) based on a process, which grounded me in my values and goals vs. my frustration, or cultural/self-expectations, or just my gut feeling.

I started a new position and am more focused on balancing my work and personal & family goals. It has not been too long since I made this transition but, so far, my family and I have benefited from the additional time and mental energy/headspace. I am grateful that I have the resources and Life Alignment worksheets to refer to in the future."


- Name withheld upon request



“Carolyn helped me get to the bottom of a messy problem, unravel it, and come back with a path forward.” 

– Melissa Stark, Professional Services


"I have a much better understanding of how the creative people I work with think. We’ll be able to work together more cooperatively now and move forward on issues that had us stuck."


-Jason B


"I recently had a very productive discussion with Carolyn about my career path. It was immediately evident that Carolyn loves connecting with people and helping them find opportunities where they would thrive. I was so impressed with her human-ness, and with her deep understanding of both corporate and non-profit work environments. Carolyn was able to help me identify several key next steps. I look forward to exchanging ideas with Carolyn going forward."

- Paul D


"Carolyn has a unique ability to engage your mind with questions and relevant experience to draw out what is your true passion AND detail a plan that helps you realize that passion. 

She helped me realize in one session what my passion was not only for a career but in life – something that after many months of soul searching I only had a foggy idea of where I should focus my energies. I highly recommend her and continue with her as my coach today."

-Danielle S




"I have only been working with Carolyn for a few months, but the impact is substantial. After being an educator for 16 years and deciding to change careers, I felt incredibly lost and Carolyn has helped me find myself again.


My values are solid and inspire me to live every day with them in mind. My confidence has grown enormously and provided me with the ability that I can do whatever I choose. Carolyn has a deep knowledge of the educator’s world and without her, I would probably still be stuck in it. She's fabulous."

– Keri Goldsun



"Before working with Carolyn, I had been applying to entry-level software developer positions for nearly a year. I was working full-time as a high school teacher and had completed a software bootcamp in the hopes of leaving k-12 education.


Carolyn helped me unlock the confidence I forgot I had. She helped me see my teaching and military backgrounds were assets if I could identify the common thread between them and the next role I wanted. And reminded me that I was not only a leader in my classroom, but a leader in my school and in my district.


I saw my accomplishments through new eyes and recognized what was holding others back from seeing this in me. Soon after working with Carolyn I secured a highly-sought after position as a Learning Experience Designer at an edutech company.


I've never been happier in my life."

- Dan Smith

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