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I work with individuals and organizations, mostly through 1:1 coaching programs designed for the individual.


While I have a variety of programs, tools, and frameworks in my toolkit, each engagement is tailor-made to meet the client's goals. Engagements may include:

  • Industry leading assessments

  • Narrative 360 Assessments

  • Development Plan, Goals, Metrics

  • Regular coaching sessions

  • Email between sessions

  • Workbooks and resources

You might chose to focus on developing skills and insights on:

  • Vision & strategy

  • Executive presence

  • Influencing & negotiating

  • Leading through change/uncertainty

  • Building and motivating high-performing teams

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Communication & executive coaching

  • Values-based decision making

  • Strategic thinking and creating long-term visions

  • Emotional intelligence and self-awareness

  • Communication and influencing skills

  • Leading through change/transitions

  • Boundary-setting and managing difficult relationships

  • Realign their professional identity, values, and direction

Schedule a complimentary consultation and together, we'll craft a program just for you!

Coaching for highly accomplished professionals.

You are: The Owner, President, CEO

It’s all on you. It’s a lot of responsibility and a lot of pressure. Without a strategic thought partner it's easy to spend too much energy on the crisis of the moment and pull focus away from your strategic priorities. Coaching conversations can shift perspective, reveal blind spots no one else will show you, and help ensure the stresses of the day don't lead to stress for your organization or your people.


You are: An Executive reporting to the CEO

The stakes are high, the priorities change constantly. And every one wants your time and attention. Learn how to identify what needs your attention, what needs to be delegated, and what needs to be eliminated while building high-performing teams you trust.


You are: A Director reporting to the C-Suite

This isn’t just a promotion from your previous level - it’s a whole new game. Do you know the rules? Learn how to balance leading yourself, leading others, and leading your function while avoiding political minefields and taking on too much. Don't let the stress and overwhelm of this new level of leadership lead you to question your career path. Get ahead of it now and become a leader that you would follow.


You are: Considering a Career Transition

Facing a big career decision can be paralyzing. Whether you’re considering stepping into or away from people leadership, preparing for your next act after retirement, or changing careers after 40 the decision can be overwhelming. Creating a life-aligned decision making matrix is the first phase of your journey. Through this process, you'll identify whether making a big career move is the right next step, if you can find fulfillment where you are, or if the answer is somewhere in between.

  • Schedule a conversation to discuss your goals and determine if we're a good fit.

  • Together, we'll create a tailored coaching plan to address your specific needs and desired outcomes.

  • Embark on your leadership development journey

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