Clear, Capable & Confident

Leadership coaching to help you

thrive in a new or changing role.

Carolyn Stein, MS Ed
Executive & Leadership Coach

Photo of Carolyn Stein: Executive, Career, and Leadership Coach

Meet Carolyn

Hi, I'm Carolyn Stein and I help leaders like you develop calm, clarity, and confidence so they can stop second-guessing themselves, act with intention instead of reaction, and succeed in a new or changed role. And still  have time and energy for the rest of their life. I can help you:

  • Clear up confusion, communicate more effectively, and build better relationships

  • Eliminate overwhelm. By helping you sort through your most pressing issues and teaching you how to strategically say no.

  • Find easier paths forward by challenging assumptions that are holding you back.

  • Have more time and energy for life outside of work by effectively managing resources.

  • Focus on your big picture and long-term goals so they don’t get overtaken by day-to-day realities and other people’s priorities.

Stop stressing out, over-preparing, and second-guessing yourself.

Have you switched careers, organizations, or industries and want structure, support, and accountability to make your first 90 days a success?

Is your organization in the middle of rapid growth or change and you’re not clear on where or how you and your team fit?

Were you promoted to a new level of leadership and realize you need support in navigating your new role from an external partner?

Is workplace stress seeping into other areas of your life and you want to stop wasting time and energy on things that should be easier than they are?

You won’t find the answers you need in memes on LinkedIn that tell you how a leader is supposed to be inspirational and not much else. Books might be a starting point. But there are so many, they all say something different, and you’re already too busy to read them. Your organization might have some training, but it’s a cookie-cutter approach and doesn’t provide the individual support you need. And you’re not sure you want to discuss your challenges with people in your organization to begin with.

How we can work together

Private Coaching Services

Jumpstart to Success

Embarking on a new role and want the structure, support, and accountability of coaching to ensure you start off right? Feeling uncertain about how to make a great impression and be seen as an effective leader without stepping on toes or stumbling on political landmines? This is for you.

Executive & Leadership  Coaching

Have you been promoted (or would like to be) to a new level of leadership and want to be more effective with less effort?  You don't need to sacrifice your sanity to be a leader people believe in. If you want the coaching, frameworks, tools, and resources traditionally reserved for seasoned executives and Fortune 500 leaders, but  helpful to everyone, this is for you.

The Deep Dive
Single Session

Do you know exactly what you need to tackle and want  some tough love to get focused and take action? Whether it's breaking a complex plan into simple steps, preparing for an uncomfortable conversation, or sorting through a single, pressing issue,

this is for you.



"Before working with Carolyn, I had difficulty unraveling the complex nature of problems I faced as a leader.

Now I am equipped with both the tools and the mindset to be able to disentangle and tackle complex leadership issues head-on in a systematic way."

—  Ian C, Manager of Technical Staff

Ready to develop calm, clarity, and confidence so you can move from reaction to intention, stop second-guessing yourself, and be a leader people can believe in while having time and energy for a life outside of work?