I help accomplished professionals  launch the next adventure in their career, business, or leadership without doubting themselves.

Looking for purpose & relevance

but don't know where to start?


I've been there.

 I've helped others who've been there.

Accomplished professionals considering a career change

Established entrepreneurs who've lost their creative spark

Executives uncertain about a new level of leadership

Teachers who wants this to be their last year

Respected professionals about to retire

Newly empty-nested and lost


I can help you, too.

Create conditions for clear thinking.

Design a life-aligned decision-making matrix.

Define success on your terms & let go of judgement.

Forge your new path & level up along the way.

Discover & launch your new:

position of leadership

passion project


You'll Feel like your true self.

No more measuring yourself by other people's standards of success.

No more chasing distractions disguised as opportunities.

No more doubting your decisions.

No more fear of missing out.

Clear. Confident. Creative.

Fulfilled. Purposefully forging a new path.


Are you willing?

You don't need to be ready to get started. You need to be willing.

We can work on the readiness together.

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We'll pick a plan

You'll forge a new path

What people say

Erica B, Brand Strategist

"Before working with you, I was working too much, in a situation that I genuinely hated. I was out of touch with my true firepower—professionally, personally, and otherwise. Now I’m attracting opportunities that feel less soul-sucking, that also happen to require less time. I’m making more money and have more time for what matters to me beyond my work. I sleep better and am less stressed.

Don't let me forget: I doubled my revenue this month and if I kept on this trend, I'd be at six figures in a year. Without really thinking about it. It seems my perception of my goal as being difficult vs. what constitutes ease might need revisiting. I can fall somewhere in the middle and have everything I want (WHO JUST TYPED THAT SENTENCE????)."

JG, Director of Operations

"Before working with Carolyn, I was only able to see what was coming next and just reacting to situations as they arose. I lacked clarity on both my long-term career goals as well as how to be successful in my new position as a leader in my organization. 


Since working with Carolyn, I have defined what success looks like within my role and have developed communication tools to help me achieve both long- and short-term goals.  My company was acquired during the time I worked with Carolyn and because of her support, I have a newfound confidence as I lead my team through the change and uncertainty that comes with this significant transformation."

Dan Smith, LX Designer


"Your coaching helped me see unique perspectives that I would never have realized on my own. You really unlocked within me the confidence that I forgot I had.  I have never been happier in my life."

Lee Stiffler-Meyer, Founder Let the Light In Studio


"One thing that has changed for me is that once I get out of overwhelm and make an important decision, I execute. I feel more confident in my abilities - which translates to me trusting myself more. More trust  = more momentum!"



“If I hadn't worked with you, I wouldn't have had the courage to try improv, and you helped me realize my career path and that HR was not the right fit for me. I've been in my current role for a year now!…You helped me try something new, and helped me with new ideas. You help us figure out our life path, and develop our own insights.”

What are you waiting for? Let's talk.