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Helping accomplished professionals:

  • Turn uncertainty into POSSIBILITY,

  • Think about the FUTURE in new ways,

  • Strengthen RESILIENCE, clarity & confidence

Do you want or need to do something else but don't know what or where to start?


I've been there.

 I've helped others who've been there.

Accomplished professionals considering a career change

Established entrepreneurs who've lost their creative spark

Executives uncertain about a new level of leadership

Teachers who wants this to be their last year

Respected professionals about to retire

Newly empty-nested and lost


I can help you, too.

Create conditions for clear thinking.

Design a life-aligned decision-making matrix.

Define success on your terms & let go of judgement.

Forge your new path.

You'll Feel like your true self.

No more measuring yourself by other people's standards of success.

No more chasing distractions disguised as opportunities.

No more doubting your decisions.

No more fear of missing out.

Clear. Confident. Creative.

Fulfilled. Purposefully forging a new path.

What are you waiting for? Let's talk.

What people say

“Carolyn's warm and encouraging approach made me feel so comfortable sharing my struggles and obstacles. She helped me see clarity around prioritizing projects and work for the year ahead. Overwhelm is a big problem for me in the work I'm doing and having an ear and a guide to coach you through all of the stuff is really an asset. 


One thing that has changed for me after working with Carolyn is that once I get out of overwhelm and make an important decision and execute, I feel more confident in my abilities - which translates to me trusting myself more. More trust = more momentum!”

Lee Stiffler-Meyer, Founder Let the Light In Studio

“Carolyn has helped me become better at problem solving relationships with deeper levels of communication and mutual understanding.” 

– Mark K, Executive Director of Non-Profit



“I am more open minded about solving work problems in ways that may seem less obvious to me. You were able to help me find solutions that did not create drama or big confrontation with my boss or coworkers.

-Julia Berlin, Client Services



“Carolyn helped me get to the bottom of a messy problem, unravel it, and come back with a path forward.” 

– Melissa Stark, Professional Services

"I have a much better understanding of how the creative people I work with think. We’ll be able to work together more cooperatively now and move forward on issues that had us stuck."

-Jason B

"I recently had a very productive discussion with Carolyn about my career path. It was immediately evident that Carolyn loves connecting with people and helping them find opportunities where they would thrive. I was so impressed with her human-ness, and with her deep understanding of both corporate and non-profit work environments. Carolyn was able to help me identify several key next steps. I look forward to exchanging ideas with Carolyn going forward."

- Paul D

"Carolyn has a unique ability to engage your mind with questions and relevant experience to draw out what is your true passion AND detail a plan that helps you realize that passion. 

She helped me realize in one session what my passion was not only for a career but in life – something that after many months of soul searching I only had a foggy idea of where I should focus my energies. I highly recommend her and continue with her as my coach today."

-Danielle S


You can do this.

You don't need to be ready to get started. You need to be willing.

We can work on the readiness together.

Schedule a call

We'll pick a plan

You'll forge a new path

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