I help executives and entrepreneurs

tap into their creativity through art instruction and leadership  coaching,

resulting in more resilience, focus,

and flexibility.

Why art?

Learn a new language & THINK differently

Learning a new language helps you think in new ways. Art is a visual language. The fundamentals include elements of art (words), principles of design (sentence structure), and drawing skills (paragraphs).

Learn to draw & SEE differently

Learning to draw helps you see in new ways. Can you see the empty space around an object as easily as the object itself? Are you drawing the symbol of an apple filed away in your brain or the actual oddly shaped object in front of you?


Practice drawing & BREATHE differently

During the act of drawing you sharpen your observation skills and your self-awareness. Are you focused yet relaxed? How tightly are you holding your pencil? Bringing self-awareness followed by stress-management and relaxation techniques to the page immediately improves your confidence and technique - imagine what it can do for your leadership!

You can do this!

Even if you don't think you can draw.
Drawing is a skill. Not a talent.
You can learn.
I promise.


Whether you are a corporate leader with too much on your plate, an entrepreneur whose lost their creative spark, or an "empty-nester" who studied art in high school or college but hasn't looked at a sketchbook since, I can help you find your focus and take your creativity and leadership to the next level.


Don't worry about finding the right time or gathering the right supplies. Don't worry if you think you can't draw. You can. It's a skill and skills can be learned. This isn't rocket-science.


You can develop proficiency faster than you think (Literacy takes a little longer. And fluency takes time and practice.) Printer paper and a regular #2 pencil are all you need to start...and you'll never need anything you can't pick up on your next run to Target.

What people say

Dan Smith


"Your coaching helped me see unique perspectives that I would never have realized on my own. . You really unlocked within me the confidence that I forgot I had.  I have never been happier in my life."

Lee Stiffler-Meyer, Founder Let the Light In Studio


"One thing that has changed for me is that once I get out of overwhelm and make an important decision, I execute. I feel more confident in my abilities - which translates to me trusting myself more. More trust  = more momentum!"

Erica B, Brand Strategist

"Before working with you, I was working too much, in a situation that I genuinely hated. I was out of touch with my true firepower—professionally, personally, and otherwise. Now I’m attracting opportunities that feel less soul-sucking, that also happen to require less time. I’m making more money and have more time for what matters to me beyond my work. I sleep better and am less stressed.

Don't let me forget: I doubled my revenue this month and if I kept on this trend, I'd be at six figures in a year. Without really thinking about it. It seems my perception of my goal as being difficult vs. what constitutes ease might need revisiting. I can  fall somewhere in the middle and have everything I want (WHO JUST TYPED THAT SENTENCE????)."

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