I help accomplished professionals  lead themselves through uncertainty and into their next chapter of clarity, confidence, and possibility.

Do you want or need to do something else but don't know what or where to start?


I've been there.

 I've helped others who've been there.

Accomplished professionals considering a career change

Established entrepreneurs who've lost their creative spark

Executives uncertain about a new level of leadership

Teachers who wants this to be their last year

Respected professionals about to retire

Newly empty-nested and lost


I can help you, too.

Create conditions for clear thinking.

Design a life-aligned decision-making matrix.

Define success on your terms & let go of judgement.

Forge your new path.

You'll Feel like your true self.

No more measuring yourself by other people's standards of success.

No more chasing distractions disguised as opportunities.

No more doubting your decisions.

No more fear of missing out.

Clear. Confident. Creative.

Fulfilled. Purposefully forging a new path.

What are you waiting for? Let's talk.

What people say


You can do this.

You don't need to be ready to get started. You need to be willing.

We can work on the readiness together.

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We'll pick a plan

You'll forge a new path